Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Smart Grid Videos

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Research Channel. Frontier (NSF)
Bridges to the Future, Part I: The Smart Grid

A Smart Grid for Intelligent Energy Use

Modern Power Grid

The Electric Grid of the Future.
By James A. Kelly, Vice President Engineering and Technical Services. Southern California Edison

Steve Pullins of Horizon Energy Group


GridWeek 2008 Close

REEF West October 27-28 2009.
Renewable Energy Finance Forum-West (REFF-West), an national conference addressing regional renewable energy issues, will be held in Seattle on October 27-28, 2008. REFF-West will be an important event for financiers, investors and renewable energy project developers to network, strike deals and drive the industry forward. Industry leaders from around the country will present on a variety of topics, including venture capital, financing in a credit-constrained economy, emerging technologies, green building, energy efficiency, smart grid and transmission, government policies, and carbon finance.

REEF West Smart Grid Video

A video about the Xcel is building in Boulder (Colorado)

Smarter Utilities by Ron Ambrosio (IBM)

Jeremy Rifkin on Smart Grid

Smart Grids
By Paul Hines, School of Engineering, University of Vermont.

Saving Power at Peak Hours
California needs new, responsive, demand-side energy technologies to ensure that periods of tight electricity supply on the grid don't turn into power outages. A video of Berkeley Lab. below:

Automating and Optimizing Demand Response in Commercial Buildings
Mary Ann Piette.
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.
January 30, 2008

Demand Response Overview. MSN video

Demand Response technology

The first videoclip in the Internet to educate customers on Residential Variable Electricity Pricing

Smart Grid-tied Inverter

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At 4:22 AM, Anonymous Marshall Mathew said...

The Smart Grid is a hot topic in the US and was even referred to by President Obama in many of his speeches. The stimulus package has allotted $33 billion specifically to the Smart Grid. I am a power engineer myself and I feel that the present grid needs to undergo a complete makeover. There is no way we can realize the the dream of the Smart Grid with such a budget size......I have proposed a detailed plan on how to implement the Smart Grid in my blog---


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